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Manufacturer of ventilated geodesic domes, erected on your site by our crew, or our "Dome Expert" comes with your kit to instruct your crew.

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Geodesic Domes - Unique Shapes While Saving You Money


Living in the round is not exactly new. Cave dwellers, birds, bees, medieval Irish monks, Eskimos, chicks, lighthouse keepers and leprechauns, to name a few, have tried it. But it took the genius of R. Buckminister Fuller whose brilliantly engineered structures were used as radar domes on the arctic DEW line after World War II, to demonstrate conclusively that for the material used they are the strongest and most efficient way to enclose space. Architectural schools teachers the efficiently of the geodesic dome. The dome far surpasses any other type building in its numerous advantages.


Triangular panels are used to form a spherical dome that eliminate the need of load bearing and expensive support walls. A rectangular shape is inherently weak. Connect four pieces of wood into the shape is inherently weak. Connect four pieces of wood into the shape of a rectangle, and apply pressure to any given point. Now, remove one of the pieces and form a triangle. The triangle, using less material, is twice as strong. Since a dome is completely self supporting, pressure whether it be snow or wind, actually makes the building stronger.

The Sphere

A circle is the most satisfying design in all of nature. We see the power of the circle in the sun, earth and rain. The winds' greatest strength is when it comes in the shape of the circle.


The flowing and harmonious design of a dome makes it a unique and beautiful home.


Domes are more economical per square foot of living space than any building you could possibly construct. The concept itself is economical. You cover a given floor area with less materials, and have less interior surface to heat and cool. Energy used is reduced by an average of thirty to fifty percent.

Rental Units

Domes minimum exterior up keep and economy of operations make them attractive to both owners and tenants. The interior is a welcome change from conventional rental units.

Recreation Centers

The Dome is perfect for large, indoor sports areas. It needs no interior supports, it is efficient to operate and it can be constructed quickly. Many indoor tennis courts are housed in dome-type structures. Domes have been successful. For example, the Astro-Dome. Great for home additions, garages, etc.

Business Space

Flexible, eye catching, adaptable, economical for any type business:

  • Churches
  • Private Schools
  • Recording Studios
  • Discos
  • Banks
  • Zoos
  • Day Care Centers
  • Aircraft Shelters
  • Nightclubs
  • Art Galleries
  • Artists' Studios
  • Interior Decorators
  • Real Estate Officers
  • Furniture Stores
  • Theaters
  • Ski Resorts
  • Specialty Shops
  • Health Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Band Shells
  • Country Clubs
  • Camps
  • Travel Agencies
  • Bookstores

The dome home is not restricted solely to residential use, nor do we limit its capabilities by limiting ours. Scott McLeod Construction has erected a disco-dome in Kent - Big Georges' Lounge on Rt. 43 and 261.

A New Concept of Living

The McLeod's of Warren, Ohio would like you to discover the delights of living in a dome.

Domes are unique in shape and economical to live in. There are no wasted corners to heat and air circulates more freely making it possible to save thirty to fifty percent on energy, to heat and cool your dome.

Domes far surpass conventional type housing in strength because they are constructed of 2x6's, then totally covered with 1/2" CDX plywood. Your imagination can be your guide when it comes to laying out your floor plan, because domes do not need any bearing walls.

Contemporary furniture is not a requirement when decorating a dome. Period furniture is even more attractive when highlighted against the domes marvelous sloping walls, curves and vaulted ceilings.

Discover this new concept in living and call for your personal tour of our dome. The dome is shown on an appointment only.

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